5 Smart Ideas for Decorating the Laundry Room


Thinking of renovating your home? Maybe the bedroom, bathroom, living room or perhaps the laundry room? Not your laundry? Why not? Your laundry room doesn’t need to be the bland room within your home. With nonchalant touches, your laundry room can be transformed into a sleek and stylish part of your home.
You can transform that part of your house into something that you will feel welcome in. Take your ‘wishy-washy’ laundry room to a whole new level with vivacious colours and innovative designing. Here are some ideas for decorating the laundry room:


  1. Hide the imperfections: A laundry room doesn’t get much attention at all. First of all, you need to analyse the room and devise what looks messy, what gives it the shabby look, are there any visible pipes, any sinks you should renovate? Under the sink, well as racks can be covered by curtains or fabrics. Not only will this bring about an orderly look, but the colour, pattern and tone of the fabric you choose can really enhance the look of the room. Imagine a spike of red or a dash of yellow in the room. Doesn’t it sound fresh?
  2. Make space: Laundry rooms can be stuffy, not only due to all the dirty clothes but also overcrowding of appliances. Why not stack the dryer and the washing machine up? It will save you space, make the room open and you won’t have to bend down every five minutes.
  3. Do the walls: Perhaps the most preppy solution for bringing life to your laundry room is doing something about the walls. You can paint them with a vibrant colour like red which will spark the aura of an otherwise dull room, texture them by getting help from online tutorials or get wallpaper. Wallpapers are available in every colour you can imagine, all patterns you can think of and all styles that you desire. Give your laundry room that chic, up-to-the-minute and happy look!
  4. Go traditional: You don’t necessarily need to spend too much on this room; the washing machine must have cost enough. Give it a traditional appearance. Put in baskets instead of cabinets; these are easy to manage, can be allotted to different cloth types and are handy in transport. They can be easily cleaned and shined to perfection.
  5. Spice it up: On the other hand, you can completely transform it with a modern guise. Get sleek designed washing machines and dryers, install lots of cabinets and to top it all off add storage racks, hangers and space for clothes that are done. It’s no less than a wardrobe too! Go for really good lighting, a few chairs and choose a theme like black or deep blue because nothing compliments luxury and elegance like black.


It’s pretty simple to be honest. Listen to your heart and start decorating the laundry room the way you want. If you think you have sufficient budget, go flavour up that laundry with flaunting ideas.

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