Kid’s Bedroom Storage Solutions


Children bring to your life an enormous amount of happiness. Life becomes all about toys, little frocks, booties and anything that brings a smile to your child’s face. However, as the toys pile up so does the mess. Kids love to play but they don’t like to clean it all up once they are done. You can’t force a child to clean up, but you can bring about exciting storage solutions that even your children will like.


Storage cannot be limited to cabinets and closets, you need to have simple storage options right at hand so that there is no hustle and the room looks clean and proper in no time. Here are some practical kid’s bedroom storage solutions:

  1. Utilize the corners: Corners are usually wasted as open space or are left for simple vases or decorations. However, you can put this space to use by placing tall corner shelves. These shelves can be used for storing books or even toys and will provide a touch of style to the room.
  2. Convertible furniture: The interior world is progressing and there’s a lot of convertible furniture in town. There are space-saving bunk beds that can be split into two single beds. Similarly, beds can be pushed up to the wall to make it more spacious in the day. What’s even better is that you can incorporate storage counters or even homework desks under your bed and can be pulled out when needed.


  3. Make use of the walls: Walls are usually left for wallpaper or even frames. However, you can design walls with shelves and racks for stacking toys. This not only looks very appealing, but reduces the crowdedness of the room and makes the place look roomy.
  4. Customize the closets: The closets are limited to storage space and you can increase it up a level by adding more racks or cloth hangers. Similarly, you can put shoe racks on the bottom so that the top stores your clothes and the bottom accommodates your shoes.
  5. Funk it up: Kids love the idea of innovative and functional beds. This, you can easily do by elevating a bed to a height like a bunk bed and incorporating storage space in the bottom of it. Check some ideas online and you will realise there are thousands of ways to make space under a bed.
  6. Easy way out: You can let go of all these complicated ideas and focus on the simpler ones. Get a storage crate for the toys, plush buckets for stuffed toys, collapsible bags to be stored away when the kid grows, under bed storage boxes to conveniently slide under the bed when unexpected guests turn up and so on. This way you may have a lot of mess to clean up but you will have a very pretty room.
  7. Involve the kiddies: The most important part is involving the children. You can’t let them develop habits that will be bad in the future, so you need to make tidying up a fun activity for them. Perhaps offer treats if they clean up? Or organise it like a game so that they love it as much as playing in the first place?


So these were some smart kid’s bedroom storage solutions. Don’t be worried as a mummy. You can make life pretty simple with these ideas and enjoy time with your children.

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